A FREE simple video chat platform for anyone to use

With Zoom and Google Meet being paid solutions, there is a simple no frills alternative that users can implement video chat rooms.

6/15/20241 min read

A Free alternatives to paid offerings such as Zoom and Google Meet are available, but this Blog post is all about utilising a simple app that people have probally had on there Smart Mobiles/Phones for a long time.
This application is Called "WhatsApp"
Although mostly used by Mobile users for text chat etc, it has the ability make cals/video calls and to also be run on a desktop (validated by mobile) and provide Video room calls for up to "32 people at any time" (was limited and has recently changed) with no restrictions on call duration or having to wait for an admin to let you in etc.

This means it could act as a simple Video Chat Room for users to chat in.

The website for downloads is here: https://www.whatsapp.com/

What you need to get started

Step1: Download the app onto PC or mac.

Step2: Validate account using Phone (link via QR code etc.)

Step3: Create or Join a meeting room. Send invite link around as required. (desktop or Mobile app) Using WhatsApp to send it to those people you want to join etc.

That is it !

You can't use a Browser window. You have to have the Desktop or Mobile app installed.
Meaning that all people attending the video chat must have a WhatsApp account etc.

It is a very simple interface just Microphone and speaker controls... no flashy extra bits but provides a no frills service to have video chats in.

Even more choice !

WhatsApp is not the only app that can do this type of simple meetup Microsoft Teams can also work in a similar way to create a fixed link which people can join into for a Video Room Chat.
See the Blog posts about how Teams works and the Community group that we created and can hvae video chats in.