Quansheng UV-K5/K6 Firmware Builds

Collation of available Firware Mods for the popular Quansheng_UV-K5/K6 and associated similar radios.

1/19/20242 min read

To help find variations of Firmware in relation to this flexible radio this page contains several links collated together from various sources from which you can programme you handheld. (Most of these are from GitHub Repos and links are provided to the .bin files.) - Make sure to read the notes/information on the build before loading the firmware.
How to Download Firmware to the Radio

As with most things you are doing this at your own risk.
It is possible to 'confuse' the radio and upset it if the wrong steps or files are used, but if this happens theen it maybe possible to get it back to a functioning radio by loading a know working set of firware to it.

It is possible to utilise Chrome Browser to programme up the firmware on the Radio, or there are alternative stand alone applications which will also do the programming if offline etc.

STEP 1: The starting point is to first have a suitable cable that will allow USB to Radio connection.

STEP 2: You then need to download or point to the location of the Firmware file you want to send to the Radio.

STEP 3: Once you have these basics , you setup the radio into Programming mode by holding the PTT button and switching it on. The White light should turn on to tell you it is ready. At this point you can plug in the cable to the radio making sure it is 'fully home' as they can be a tight fit.

STEP 4: If using the Chrome Browser to programme the radio then goto https://egzumer.github.io/uvtools/

(it is possible to add the URL of the firmware to this link above if known, rather than having to download a file e.g. https://egzumer.github.io/uvtools/?firmwareURL=https://github.com/egzumer/uv-k5-firmware-custom/releases/download/v0.9/1o11_fagci_spectrum_v0.9_packed.bin)

STEP 5: Using the Browse button select the .BIN file you want to load onto Radio.

Then select the FLASH button. The light on the radio should flash and the transcript of the progress should be shown in the Browser. That is then complete.