Our Online 'Community Group'

Once you are a Teams user you can join our existing Community Group called 'Amateur Radio'
(or even create your own for your specific interest)
As a "Teams for Home" user it is easy to join and participate in Online Community Groups which you might be interested in.
If you are not sure what this is about then there is Blog Post on this site which can give you a starter guide etc.
(click underlined link above)

There is a good YouTube Video you can watch which explains more about 'Communities' and how you can build and use them.

It offers Messaging, chat, video or audio calls as well as a place to link up with other Radio Users and share ideas, questions, comments or just general discussion in a Community Forum etc.

You can Create Scheduled Events which users can be invited (Notification Emailed out automatically) for Event Group Video Chat calls or just have one to one calls with individual members.

Teams provides the ability to put up posts or announcements just like you can in social media tools like facebook (but without the ads') Commenting is automatically available giving the ability to have conversations on interesting topics.