Amateur Radio Video Chatroom

Welcome to our friendly moderated chatroom Launch page.

Here, you can connect with people from all around the globe and engage in delightful conversations.

Whether you're seeking advice, sharing your experiences, or simply looking for someone to talk with,
our chatroom provides a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.

We also use Microsoft 'Teams' to run a
"Amateur Radio Community Group"
which anyone can join.

More details on the website here

(NOTE: If you are in the Chatroom and it suddenly closes then please just use the button above to rejoin.)

The button at top of the page will take you to an online open video chat system based around a "Google Meet" service

(Some basic Information on how to get the best from this Google Meet service and features if required
can be found Here in this online guide )

It is best to have a working Camera and Microphone that is accessible from the browser such as Chrome which is probably best browser to access Google Meet. Some basic information is shown below...

Our diverse community ensures that you'll encounter different perspectives and learn about various ideas.
We encourage open-mindedness and a positive demeanor to foster a pleasant atmosphere for all users.

So, join us and let's embark on a journey of friendship and meaningful connections in this chatroom
Feel free to express yourself and always be respectful towards others.

All are welcome and we request that you behave with respect the way you would on radio.

Notes and Guidance for using a Chatroom

Any questions then get in touch with us with the contact page

Control MicroPhone and Camera
(Red when OFF)
Present/Share Window/Screen
Change Settings

(See Screen Shot Below)

Leave Call
Basic Controls when in a Video Chat


If when you join the Chatroom, and you are the only one in the room the system will ask you after 10 minutes of inactivity if you want to remain there or leave.
If you don't respond after 2 minutes it will log you out of the room. If that happens then please pop back another time.

To change this operation then goto "Settings" and change the "Leave empty calls" option to 'OFF' as shown here.

Some Notes on the use of Google Meet Service

Change the Screen Layout showing other users in the call

Main Setting for Choosing Microphone & Camera to use etc.

Adjust your Background & Effects

Overview of the 'Change Settings'
If you are using a Google Account with Meet and you want to change the displayed 'Name' & 'Nickname'
or even the 'Avatar' image then this has to be done with you Google Personal Profile not in the Meet application.
(Restart Meet after making changes.)
If you are not using a Google Account to connect into the Meeting you should be able to choose what name you want displayed before you join.
Display of your name in the chat Window